Arts and Culture Center
Theater / Gallery Rental Request

Please complete and submit this form to begin the Thornton Arts and Culture Center (TACC) reservation process. Reservations are not finalized until confirmed by Arts and Culture Staff via email or phone. All reservations are subject to availability. You will be contacted within two business days to review and confirm your reservation.

Rental Times

Tuesday through Friday  6:00 to 10:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday8:00 am to 10:00 pm


Applicant Address
Closed Mondays and City Holidays
Remember to allow enough time for set up and clean up

TACC Rental Rates

View facility and equipment fees and taxes for residents, non-residents and nonprofit organizations.

TACC Guidelines for Use

  • The rental contact or organizational representative must be present at the facility during all hours of approved use.
  • The rental individual or organization pays for all time spent in the rented facility including setup and take down time.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all arts and culture facilities including the gallery theater and patio.
  • No decorations shall be permanently affixed in any manner to gallery art, walls, windows, doors, curtains or adjacent areas. No holes are allowed on any surface.
  • Any damage to art exhibited in the facility or to the facility itself shall be charged to the rental party and can affect future access to TACC (see Notice below).
  • Absolutely no rice, confetti, glitter, birdseed, piñatas, tabletop sprinkles, open flame candles, or fire of any kind shall be used on the TACC premises.
  • The service and consumption of food and beverages shall be confined to designated rental areas; no outdoor eating or drinking is allowed.
  • The area(s) designated on the facility rental form will be the only area(s) which will be utilized including main floor bathrooms and lobby area.
  • The responsibility of onsite Thornton staff during rental use is to open and secure the facility, be visible and useful to the rental group, to provide information or items needed. The custodian and/or supervisor are not onsite for any other duties.
  • The City of Thornton will not be responsible for any lost or stolen articles during the time of use by an individual, group, or organization.
  • Unusual rowdiness or physical/verbal abuse to a staff member or patron while on Thornton property can result in immediate termination of facility use.
  • Children must always be supervised. The rental organization or individual will maintain order and propriety for the duration of facility use.
  • Alcohol service and DJ/entertainment must end a minimum of 30 minutes before TACC facility rental period ends.
  • Use of the lower level kitchen and conference room is restricted to the rental individual or organization. No public access is allowed.

NOTICE: Art displayed in the gallery theater remains there whenever the facility is in use. No art shall be touched, (re)moved, tampered with or otherwise modified. If TACC staff discover artwork has been subject to change, the individual or organization’s rental deposit shall be doubled and not refunded. Lack of adherence to the above guidelines may result in additional charges to the rental individual or organization, as well as termination of future TACC use.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation to use our facility, please note the refund schedule:
  • Full refund of fees paid if TACC staff receive written notice of cancellation 30 days+ before rental date
  • Partial refund (50%) if TACC staff receive written notice of cancellation 15-29 days before rental date.
  • No refund 14 days or less before rental date; exceptions may apply; please check with TACC staff.

By submitting this request I acknowledge that I have read and understand the guidelines above.