Thornton City Code

Authorization to Enter and Remove Graffiti

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I agree that the City of Thornton, either its employees or contractors, may enter my property to remove the graffiti. The Thornton graffiti removal program allows for graffiti removal from fences, walls, garages and sheds that are adjacent to City streets, alleys, parks and trails.

I understand that the City or its contractors do not guarantee the structural or aesthetic soundness of the areas from which graffiti will be removed and that, even in the exercise of due care, damage or injury to property may result. I acknowledge that the City or its contractors will determine the method to remove the graffiti. I fully release the City, its employees and contractors from all claims, actions or demands for damage of whatever nature to the property in connection with, or by reason of, the graffiti removal, including, but not limited to damage occurring to landscaping, retaining walls or fences, aesthetic damage to outside structures, and damage that may compromise integrity of structures that may lead to physical injury.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City, its employees and contractors from all liability claims, including defense costs and legal fees of any nature whatsoever, arising from or connected with the graffiti removal.

I have the authority to allow graffiti removal on my property. The representations I have made are true. I understand the terms and have voluntarily signed this form

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