Inclusion Support / ADA Accommodation Request

  1. Please contact Becky Post, Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation (AIR) Coordinator with questions at or 720-977-5702.
  2. When possible please complete the Inclusion Support/ADA Accommodation request form 2 weeks prior to the start of service.
  3. The AIR Coordinator will contact you to conduct a voluntary assessment of the participant and will provide a recommendation to all parties involved. The purpose is to determine appropriate inclusion supports or accommodations for the program to be inclusive.
  4. Thornton Recreation reserves the right to deny a request if the information provided by or on behalf of the participant does not support the requested program modification, the participant does not meet the essential criteria of the program, this participant would present a threat to the safety of other participants, the requested accommodation would present an undue financial or administrative burden for the City, or the participant or requested accommodation is otherwise not within the scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  5. Personal needs assistance: Unless otherwise noted, accommodations provided by the City of Thornton will not include assisting the participant with personal needs such as feeding, administering medication, using the restroom or dressing. You will be solely responsible for arranging for such assistance.