City of Thornton Municipal Judge Complaint

Fill out this form to submit a Municipal Judge Complaint to the City Manager of the city of Thornton.

Please read this form in its entirety.

Scope of Authority

This form is used for conduct review only and is NOT reviewed by a court of law. The validity of a judge’s decision can only be challenged through the appellate process, and if you wish to file an appeal, you should do so without waiting to hear the results of this process. The filing of a complaint does not extend the time to file an appeal.

Requirement of Confidentiality

All information filed with and action taken through this complaint process shall be confidential and treated as a personnel matter as provided by State Law.


  1. Your Statement of Facts should describe the specific acts or events that caused you to believe the judge acted inappropriately.
  2. In lieu of submitting the following complaint form electronically, the original complaint form and all attachments may be filed in person or mailed to the following:

    City of Thornton
    Attn: City Manager’s Office
    9500 Civic Center Drive
    Thornton, CO 80229
    If you need additional information, call the City Manager’s Office at 303-538-7200.
  3. If you prefer, you may provide a letter or summary instead of this form. Please identify the judge, provide the case number, date when the issue occurred, and express your concerns about the judge’s conduct.
  4. Keep a copy of the complaint and your statement for your records.


This complaint will be reviewed by an independent retired Judge (“Judge”) and if the Judge determines the information does not establish inappropriate behavior, the complaint will proceed no further. If the Judge determines there is a reasonable basis to proceed further, the Judge will commence additional investigation of the Thornton Municipal judge’s alleged conduct and may request additional information regarding the matter. The Judge will provide the results of this investigation to the Thornton Municipal judge and City Council which are confidential.

Electronic Form

A copy of this complaint will be sent to this email address.
Address of Requesting Party

Statement of Facts

1. When and where did the judge's conduct occur:

2. If your information arises out of a court case, please answer these questions:

If you selected 'Other' please specify the kind of case here.

3. Specify below the details of the judge’s actions that you believe may involve improper or inappropriate behavior.

4. List any documents in support of your belief that the judge has engaged in improper or inappropriate behavior, noting which of such documents you have attached to this Complaint.

Up to 15 MBs of files can be attached.

I believe that the judge named above demonstrated behavior that interfered with the performance of his/her duties. I request that this matter be investigated and that appropriate action be taken. I have read the instructions on this form, and I understand that this matter is confidential. I hereby verify that the above information, and any information attached hereto, is correct, complete, and true to the best of my knowledge.