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Firefighters’ Old Hire Pension Board Application

Firefighters’ Old Hire Pension Board

The Firefighters’ Old Hire Pension Fund covers firefighters hired on or before April 8, 1978. The composition and terms of the members of the Firefighters’ Old Hire Pension Fund Board of Trustees is set forth in Colorado Revised Statutes 31-30.5 Part 2. In 1985, the City authorized affiliation of the plan with the Fire and Police Pension Association (FPPA) and the assets of the plan were transferred to a trust fund under the management of FPPA. Section 31-31 Part 7 of the Colorado Revised Statutes sets forth the responsibilities of both FPPA and the local Old Hire Pension Board. The responsibilities of the Board include: 1) making an annual report to the City Council in August of the condition of the fund based on the Actuarial Study conducted every two years by FPPA and additional financial information that may be provided by FPPA; 2) making determinations regarding benefit or cost-of-living adjustments and submitting any recommendations for such adjustments to City Council; and 3) periodically certifying information required by FPPA to administer the plan. Any changes in the terms and provisions of the plan must be approved by City Council.

Board Membership and Qualifications

The Board consists of six members: the Mayor, Finance Director, a citizen appointee, and three retired firefighters elected by the retired old hire members of the fire department.

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