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Thornton Assistance Fund Committee Application

Thornton Assistance Fund Committee

The Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF) Committee is an advisory committee that reviews the grant applications from nonprofit organizations that serve the basic needs of Thornton residents and promote self-sufficiency. The committee provides a recommendation to City Council on which nonprofit organizations to fund and the level of funding.

Committee Representatives

Each year Council appoints five to seven members to serve on the committee. All members must be residents of Thornton. One member is appointed by the Mayor, each of the four wards must be represented by a member, one member must have financial expertise, and one member must have human services/nonprofit expertise. Members may not be associated with any organization that is applying for funds. Committee members will serve a 2 year term based on Council's appointment.

Time Commitments

The committee will meet every Thursday, 3:30 - 6:30 p.m. February through April and will need additional time to review applications at home. A presentation to city council will occur on a Tuesday evening in April and/or May and a formal presentation at a Council Meeting may follow. The meeting schedule is finalized in January.

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